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Since 2009, we started to visit school and introduce the project to teachers and students. During the past two years, we introduced the project and education pack to about 20 schools, 80 teachers and 800 students. We are so glad to have teachers' feedbacks about our education materials.


Comments from some school teachers:


“It is really lovely to have so many quality power point presentations and interesting videos.”

Nadira Mostefasba, Christ’s College Finchley


“The education materials are excellent, I like the fact that they include lesson plans as this will help teachers since they have so much to do already. The materials are creative and interactive so I am sure that children will enjoy them and will learn from them.”

Lucia Law, Queenswood School


“The video was very useful. We used the video "how to make yuanxiao" in class and students liked it very much.”      

Wang, Sarah Bonnell School


“I have used the video during my lesson and the result was very good. It can be used for introducing the different festivals for the students.”

Sun Xiaoman, Seven Kings School


“I found it is very useful for all teachers. The lesson plan and the video were the best resources, teachers can simply make some change to do their own lesson plan, because it not only have the Culture lesson plan, but also give the template of lesson plan for the teachers. The video is the best way to encourage the children to learn Chinese in an interesting way. I have saved the power point on my PC, I think it's a fantastic resource to teach beginners. And also the photos we can use to make power point and save our time to find on the internet. I think you all did a brilliant job on it, I am sure every teacher see it will appreciate your effort and hard work!”  

Li-Hong Man, London Pei Ying Chinese School


“I liked the video, I used it for a group of students from my primary school, and they like it.”

Xi Jingdi, Buckswood School


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