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DSC05197Date and feast: One of the most traditional ways to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day is to date one’s beloved, possibly along with romantic proposal of marriage.    Alternatively people participate Valentine’s Day parties, no matter they are single or not.


Passing love notes and gifts: Cards designed with St. Valentine's Day symbols, say, red roses, hearts and Cupid are a popular choice.  Chocolates, roses and soft toys are usually on people’s gift list.  Today, besides expressing the affection towards their sweethearts, people also send greetings and gifts to those they love, such as family members, relatives, friends and teachers.  Apparently what they celebrate on this day is not only love between men and women.


Children’s participation: Several centuries ago, many English children would dress up as adults on this day, and go singing from door to door.  One verse they sang was:


     Good morning to you, valentine;

     Curl your locks as I do mine --

     Two before and three behind.

     Good morning to you, valentine.


Now British children still sing special St. Valentine's Day songs, while adults would reward them with candies and chocolates.  Senior school children, like their peers in the US, Canada and some other countries, attend school parties, and exchange cards and chocolates with their friends.


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