Any special thing about the Chinese Ghost Month? PDF Print E-mail


2009.8.26.  Fo Guang Temple (7)Incense: Incense burning is very popular in Chinese festivals.  People believe that burning incense to ancestors, gods and spirits is a way to respect them, and ghosts can even smell the scent and smoke by burning the incense, and therefore be fed.


Paper money: People tend to burn paper money and paper gold to show their respect to ghosts.  You may watch the video to see how to fold a paper gold.


Food: People usually use food to show their respect to ghosts.  Some may prepare meat, wine and fruits; some may prepare vegetarian food.  In Hong Kong, for instance, on the 14th day of the 7th lunar month, people will burn incense and paper money, and provide vegetarian food on the street for ghosts.


Taboo: Chinese people have many taboos during festivals.  During the Ghost month, people will avoid going out at night, swimming, wedding and giving birth etc.