What do I think of St. Valentine's Day? PDF Print E-mail


Comment from Jessie Liao, our student researcher


DSC05197St. Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular festivals of all time.  It is a special day for lovers to express their love, emotions and feelings towards each other.  However, I don’t think that this festival should be limited to lovers only because from the origin, Valentine sacrificed himself for other people.  His scarification is a way he showed the world his love.  This also tells us that love is unlimited and should not be narrowed by people’s thought.  Love can be a lot broader than what people think of.  Love can be shown in various ways: we love our earth and we protect it; parents love their children and can do whatever it takes to secure their children’s safety.  There are many ways to show how we care and love:  therefore, I think St. Valentine’s day should not be for couples only as it can be a special day for everyone to express emotions to those when they care for.


As we know that due to the modernisation of the world, festivals like St. Valentine’s Day are become more and more commercialised.  They provide business opportunities as people celebrating St. Valentine’s day send each other presents, cards, chocolates, teddy bears and so on.  Some people prefer to celebrate with lovers by having romantic dinners and wines; others prefer to have parties.  All of this requires money; therefore celebrating St. Valentine’s Day can boost the world economy, which is a beneficial long-term effect.


However, sending too much paper cards can lead to serious environmental problems.  More deforestation will occur for there’s not enough paper to make cards for selling.  Therefore more trees have to be felled and less photosynthesis will take place.  This eventually leads to the distinction of some species. In order to solve this, we should carry out sustainable development for example plant more trees in order to replace those lost.  Also, using E-cards is a good way to express love to others.  Not only is this more convenient and eco-friendly atmospheric pollution is not produced.


Also, it could be argued that buying presents every year is a waste of money.  Why not endeavour to exchange presents with friends, lovers and families?  In this way more money is saved and fewer resources is wasted.