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DSC05197Chocolates: Sweet yet bitter – just like the taste of love.  Is this the reason for chocolates to become a popular Valentine’s gift in modern times?  Apart from grabbing a box from the shop, some really romantic persons would choose making it by themselves.  No doubt this is a perfect gift for valentines, as it is prepared with heart.


Flowers: Representing passionate love, red roses are always the No. 1 choice.


Love Notes: Following St. Valentine, people sent love notes on his commemoration day.  The oldest known valentine still in existence today was written by Charles, Duke of Orleans.  He was captured at the Battle of Agincourt, and then jailed in the Tower of London.  In prison, he wrote a poem to his wife on St. Valentine’s Day, 1415.  Now this love note is kept in the British Library in London.


Cards: These are the upgraded version of early love notes. In the mid 18th century, people began to make St. Valentine’s Day cards of paper and lace.  The publication of The Young Man’s Valentine Writer in 1797, along with the reduction of postal rates, promoted the atmosphere of passing love notes.  Consequently, factories started to mass-produce St. Valentine’s Day cards by the early 19 century.