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Comment from Jessie Liao, our student researcher


tn_HalloweenDrawing03I think that sometimes people celebrate Halloween in a not so sustainable way.  As we know, compared to past years, the world economy is generally at an increasing rate (despite the current financial crisis).  People have become richer than before and have more money to spend on different festivals.  However, sometimes people may buy different costumes every year for the same celebration.  This could be seen to be a form of wasting resources even though selling more products boosts the economy.  Also, the pumpkins for Halloween are only used once and then they will appear in all sizes of bins next morning!  Sustainable development means taking things from the environment but leave enough behind for future generations, and to prevent permanent damage.   These examples are representations of unsustainability.


In order to solve this problem, people should be encouraged to wear the same costumes for Halloween.   This avoids wasting products as special costumes are worn only once a year and will not get damaged so easily.  It’s such a waste that you bin the costume you wear this year and buy a new one next year only because you think it’s dull and no longer fashionable.  We can always try to exchange costumes with others; this not only saves resources, money and energy but also satisfied people in the angle of fashion.  As for pumpkins of Halloween, they can be eaten (e.g. made into soup) instead of being thrown away after the festival celebration.  These ideas can make the celebration more eco-friendly and sustainable.