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tn_HalloweenDrawing03Costumes, candies and apples: As important elements of Halloween, costumes and treats were also essential in a traditional Celtic celebration of Samhain.  Besides, the four hundred years of Roman rule over Britain (43-410) have left some religious influence to this festival.  For instance, apples symbolise Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruit trees and gardens.  This token may well illustrate why toffee apples and bobbing for apples have been associated with Halloween.


Pumpkins: There are two versions of the origin of pumpkin lanterns.  Some say that people carved pumpkins with grimaces, and then put candles inside, in order to disperse the spirits.  Some say that it was the spirits that lit the candles, as they tried to cheat people to follow them; hence people carved the grimaces on the pumpkins to jeer at the spirits: “Only fools would be fooled!”  It is said that an Irish man named Jack first employed pumpkins to make this kind of lantern: therefore it is called Jack-O-Lantern.