What are the similarities between the Celts' concepts and Halloween? PDF Print E-mail


tn_HalloweenDrawing03Evil spirits: The Celts believed that in the dark winter, the obstacles between the human world and the spirit world were at their weakest point, therefore evil spirits could wander across the earth without any obstruction.


Rather similarly, Halloween was regarded as the time when evil spirits, the devil and witches were at their most powerful.

As a consequence, the current Halloween is decorated with images of witches, broomsticks, black cats, skeletons and vampires.


Bonfires: In the Celtic conception, fire could scare away the spirits, and illuminate the way back to their own world as well.  Therefore the Celts set bonfires, and feasted and danced around them at Samhain.  People also prayed for the spirits when they held burning straws up high, since fire could bring comforts to the spirits (souls) in purgatory.


Nowadays, although the tradition of building a bonfire on Halloween is still followed in some regions, firework displays are more often employed instead.