What do I think of the Chinese Lantern Festival? PDF Print E-mail


Comment from Jessie Liao, our student researcher


Lantern23The Chinese Lantern Festival is one of the most popular festivals being celebrated in China.  The culture of the Chinese Lantern Festival has been maintained but, meanwhile, it is gradually becoming more and more commercialised.  People used to make their lanterns, but now, more people tend to buy them from shops.


This actually has a double effect.  On the one hand, it develops lantern productions and helps facilitate the economic development; on the other hand, it leads to an increase of resource and energy usages and environmental problems.  For example, people don’t usually recycle the lanterns that have been used and most of them are now made of paper and plastics, recycling them can reduce deforestations and the crude oils used to make them; also, less non-biodegradable materials are dumped into the environment.  This helps preserve the environment and prevent permanent damage.


Also, to make the celebration more eco-friendly, we could begin the ceremony earlier and make best use of sunlight; therefore less electric energy will be wasted during the performance.  We can also use eco-friendly light bulbs during the celebration, thereby saving more energy.  Using phosphorescent paints is good way to save energy as well as this is a type of paint that absorbs energy from the sun during the day and can release it in form of light at night; thus fewer lanterns are required and more resources.  Also, it’s a lot safer than some radioactive paints that are designed to glow in the dark.


People can also make their lanterns from pomelo rinds instead of paper, as the former ones are bio-degradable, which means that they can rot naturally.


During the Lantern Festival ceremony, some people like throwing firecrackers for performances.  This can be very dangerous.  Nowadays, people pursuit things that are more exciting such as special performances, when throwing firecrackers; they often tend to forget about how dangerous those performances are.  Performers doing these events have been through special training; however, have we ever thought about whether these performances necessary?  Many people disagree with these risk taking performances as they think that they are not safe enough and might in particular leave negative images on children’s minds.