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Oral History Archive

  • Mei-Feng Lin - In this archive, you will know how people talk about the story of Mulian.
  • Sophie Wang - In this archive, you will know how people in Southern Taiwan do during the Chinese Ghost Month and some taboos.
  • Kam-Sang Law - In this archive you will know what people in Hong Kong do during the Chinese Ghost Month.
  • Dr Frank Lie - In this archive, you will know how people in Taiwan do during the Chinese Ghost Month and the true meaning of this month from the view point of Buddhists.
  • Cllr Thomas Chan - In this archive, you will know what people in Macau will do during the Chinese Ghost Month; also you may see how to fold a paper gold by watching the video of Cllr Thomas Chan.


Education Materials

Lesson plans

Topic: The Chinese Ghost Month

  • Subject: Modern Foreign Languages (Chinese Mandarin)
  • Key stage: 4 or above
  • By Ms Rachel Yang

Topic: Comparing Halloween with the Chinese Ghost Month

  • Subject: History
  • Key Stage: 4
  • By Ms Gui-Min Ma


Students’ work
  • PowerPoint Presentation


Halloween and the Chinese Ghost Festival

by Jessie Liao







Questions to consider and discuss further
  • Why are those ghosts believed to be hungry ghosts?
  • Why in Chinese tradition people tend to burn paper money, paper gold and incense during festivals?
  • Have you thought of the true meaning of the Chinese Ghost Month?
  • What is the difference between the ghosts (spirits) in the East and those in the West?
  • Why do taboos exist in the Chinese Ghost Month but not in Halloween?



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