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EWPosterHow do traditional Chinese festivals differ from their British counterparts and why?  This project will find out by studying the similarities and differences between festivals by comparing, for example, Hallowe'en with the Chinese Ghost Month, and St. Valentine's Day with the Chinese Lantern Festival.  The research will look back to the 1950s to see how Chinese people have practised their cultural festivals while living in London and how those practices change as time goes by.


We interviewed three different groups of people.  The first group was those Chinese who moved to the UK at early age and have been living in the UK for a long time.  The second group was those mixed marriage Chinese who have shared with us how they celebrate those East and West festivals with their western partners: we can see the effect of mixed marriages on celebrating two cultures.  The third group was those Chinese or half-Chinese born or brought up in the UK.  They had lots of interesting experiences to share with us.


This project website was created to keep the oral history archives, research findings and also education materials. During these two years, we organised various events and activities to promote the project. Thank you for our volunteer team to make this happen. You can find all project information on this website. 




We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who contributed to our project.  All interviewees shared their interesting stories and experiences with us, all schools and organisations welcomed us to visit and gave us a chance for sharing, all consultants and advisers gave us lots of advice, and of course all volunteers who contributed their time, effort and shared their ideas, photos and drawings with us.


(In alphabetical order)

Mrs Kate Ballard, Ms Meena Bhatnagar, Mrs Karen Broutsos, Dr Cheng Chan, Ms Ruth Chan, Miss Michelle Chan, Cllr Thomas Chan, Mr Ben Cheng, Mr Simon Cheung, Dr Francesca Crowe, Mr Kurt Diminieux, Ms Yue-Qin Dong, Miss Emily Fan, Miss Kathy Fan, Mrs Grainne Grabowski, Miss Joanna Hsieh, Ms Dian Huang, Ms Jing-Ya Huang, Mr Brian Kong, Mrs Sherry Kuei-Chan, Mr Martin Kuroczik, Ms Kit-Lai Lam, Mr Alex Law, Mr Ricky Law, Mr Kar-Hei Lam, Mrs Hanifah Law, Mr Kam-Sang Law, Miss Melissa Law, Ms Vincy Lau, Ms Ada Lee, Mr George Lee, Ms Lena Lee, Mr Wing-Hong Li, Miss Jessie Liao, Dr Frank Lie, Ms Mei-Feng Lin, Mr Peter Lin, Ms Jie-Ling Liu, Ms Gui-Min Ma, Mr Kelvin Ma, Mrs Flora Man, Ms Lihong Man, Miss Sarah McDowall, Ms Nadira Mostefasba, Mrs Parveen Pahlan, Mr Dan Pickard, Mr Ryszard Rybicki, Master Te-Yin Shih, Dr Lian-Yi Song, Ms Audrey Suen, Ms Katja Ting, Mr Van Coung Troung, Mr Danny Tsang, Mr Abe Tse, Ms Yu-Mei Tsai, Mr Julius Tsui, Ms Kam Wade, Ms Katie Wang, Ms Sophie Wang, Mr Olly Wells, Mr Joe Wong, Mr Alan Worsfold, Ms Wen Wu, Ms Jiali Xu, Ms Rachel Yang, Ms Pauline Yip, and many other friends who help us for this project.


Buckinghamshire Chinese Language School, Buckswood School, Chinese Community School, Chinese Independent School of Tower Hamlet, Christ’s College Finchley, Dragon Page Technology, Hackney Chinese School, Haringey Chinese School, Hua Hsia Chinese School, John Roan School, Lewisham Indo-Chinese Centre & Chinese Community School, London Fo Guang Temple, London Pei Ying Chinese School, Mellow Lane School, Queenswood School, Sarah Bonnell School, Regent College, SOAS, St Joseph’s Primary School, St Michael’s Catholic College, True Heart Theatre, Tzu Chi College of Technology, University of Huddersfield, Wembley High Technology College, Westminster Academy, Westminster University,