Martin Kuroczik


martin_kuroczik"I enjoy working with friendly and ambitious people who try to manifest interesting and challenging ideas into tangible projects.  At the same time while working on all aspects of this good cause, we create a lot of attention.  This is, in a nutshell, why it is impossible to turn down an opportunity to volunteer in the Ming-Ai (London) Institute for the 'East-West Festive Cultures' Project."



Marketing Intern & Grants Administrator, Help the Hospices; MA International Political Economy Leeds University


Hobbies: China, Chinese language, history and culture, social sciences, sports, socialising


Participation in the project: Interviews, research, promotion and presentation during school visits and project events.


The nature of the “East-West Festive Cultures” Project was intriguing. My eagerness to get involved was sizeable upon hearing this project provides chances to work with something I am passionate about, Chinese culture. I thought employing means of oral history is intriguing because as an avid radio listener I found acouesthesia is underrated. Besides that, a volunteer working on all aspects refreshes old skills and gains new ones.


I helped with the interviews we present with the education pack. I developed a questionnaire, interviewed several people, and transcribed those interviews. In order to introduce the education pack, we visited a primary-, secondary- and a Sunday Chinese school in London.


I learned to keep working and to be flexible. In life one always has to travel down a long winded road before he reaches the final destination and finds his calling. This project gave me a new lease of life and helped me to grow back confidence. Using those people skills you slowly lose while sitting in front of a computer screen while doing online applications was very important. I got my foot into doors again.


The Ming-Ai staff members who showed confidence in my abilities and who welcomed me into their office were exceptional. I was fortunate working with a team of ambitious, good-hearted individuals who pursue challenging projects. They gave me a chance to prove what I can do. I recommend volunteering to everyone who is feeling the roof is falling down on his head.