Mrs Sherry Kuei-Chan


Mrs. Sherry Kuei-Chan was born in Nanjing in 1948, her father’s hometown is from Shanghai.  They went to Taiwan in 1949.  She grew up in Taipei.  A strong Chinese culture discipline and influenced by her mother who often took her to the theatre for Chinese operas and plays.  So she has learnt a lot of Chinese history and arts knowledge not only from the school but also a great deal from outside the classroom.  She speaks Mandarin, Taiwanese.




She married to an Englishman and moved to Hong Kong in 1975.  She has picked up some daily Cantonese after living there over 20 years, also improved her English.  She has raised up 3 daughters.  Then in 1996 she moved to London to be nearby with her 3 daughters in the boarding school.  It’s very difficult for her life experience.  She has got traditional Chinese mentality, to obey the parents and teachers and take care of  them when they become old.  Yet her 3 daughters have got Western education, they were trained when they were only 8, 9 and 10 years old to be independent in any aspect.  There are a lot of cross cultural conflicts and misunderstandings, and it’s extremely hard for elderly to follow the young generation’s way of living nowadays.

Previous Positions:

  • Director of William McDowall & Co. Ltd in Hong Kong
  • Co-ordinator for Helping Hand and Nursing Home in Hong Kong
  • Co-ordinator for Aid’s Project in Hong Kong
  • Committee Member of Taiwan Ladies Association in Hong Kong
  • Promote Out of Print Books in Hong Kong and Taiwan
  • Promote Work of Arts in Hong Kong and London
  • Director of the Meridian Society UK

Current Positions:

  • Honorary Adviser to GFCBW UK Branch
  • President of Overseas Chinese Education Foundation UK Branch
  • Vice President of Association for the Promotion of Chinese Education
  • Director of Chan Cheng Scholarship Foundation
  • Director of the Earth Society in UK
  • Director of Song Bo Society in UK
  • Honorary Adviser to the Meridian Society UK
  • Honorary Adviser to UK China Culture Association
  • Honorary Adviser to UK Chinese Pages


  • Interview date: 20 September 2009
  • Interviewer: Kit-lai Lam
  • Language: English
  • Interview Archive: Short version (About 2 mins)
  • Interview Archive: Full version (About 38 mins)


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